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Time magazine’s “millennials” cover: A history of “millennials” in the media

Time magazine has gotten the internet's attention once more with a grabby cover image: In the footsteps of the breastfeeding mom and "Don't Hate [Sheryl Sandberg] Because She's Successful" comes a cover image of a young woman posing for an iPhone self-portrait. She's nicely dressed, in pastel jeans and ballet flats, and she's described this way: "The Me Me Me Generation: Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents. Why they'll save us all."

This double-axel troll -- millennials are the worst! All they do is play on their smartphones! But, actually, they are great! Columnist Joel Stein tells you why! -- is admirably executed. (A video at Time's website indicates that the full story, not yet online, is unlikely to be positive: Stein, the writer, "lives like a millennial" by compulsively documenting himself, a trope that felt a little cliché when describing the Gen-X'ers of "Reality Bites.")

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