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Is the “Time for Hillary” super PAC a scam?

Simon Sioni, a 29-year-old developmentally disabled man from Encino, Calif., dreamed of working for a restaurant, even taking cooking classes.

He never envisioned that his ill-fated quest for employment would help shine light on the hidden side of a new Hillary Clinton-themed super PAC.

When Sioni, then 27, saw an online advertisement from John A. Gibson Jr. seeking a partner for a nascent food truck business, he jumped at the opportunity. The two men met. Gibson explained he’d be the boss but would split the earnings.

Sioni ultimately handed Gibson a $10,000 check to seal the deal.

The same day Sioni gave Gibson the check, he told his mother, who is also his legal guardian. Janet Sioni says she set up a meeting with Gibson at a local Starbucks to explain that the partnership wouldn’t work because of her son’s disabilities. Gibson promised to refund the Sionis’ money — but the cash never came.

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