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Thom Yorke: Spotify is bad for new music

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich have removed several of their albums from Spotify after excoriating the online music streaming company for not supporting smaller artists.

The two took to Twitter to say that the company is "bad for new music." Yorke retweeted Godrich's statements that they are staging a "small meaningless rebellion." Godrich's "Ultraista," Yorke's recently collaborative project by Atoms for Peace, "AMOK" and his solo album, "Eraser" have been pulled from the site:

[embedtweet id="356450604740116481"]

[embedtweet id="356451091082260480"]

[embedtweet id="356457485592297472"]

The artists claim that the service pays next to nothing in royalties, thus crippling bands who aren't as established:

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