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Is there anything 3D printing can’t do?

Just another Monday, and according to Twitter, by the end of the week, 3D printers will be pumping out human organs, saving the world from climate change, and revolutionizing nanoscale micro-electronic manufacturing.

OK, "end of the week" might be a bit premature. Dig down deep on any of these news stories, and you will find a lot more in the way of "proof of concept" than actual 3D manufactured reality. But it is still regularly amazing how fast the world of 3D printing is moving. The "new hardware movement" is no joke. Advanced manufacturing technology is fast becoming a tool that can fit into any home or laboratory.

At Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, scientists have figured out how to "print" spheroids made of successive layers of embryonic stem cells using an "ink" that itself consists of stem cells.

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