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Texas’ insane Tea Party caper: Nutjob challenges extreme conservative!

It was but 20 minutes before the filing deadline to primary Texas Sen. John Cornyn, and Texas Republicans thought the coast was clear. No one of any mettle is going to run against "Big John," they thought. And when the deadline passed, they were right: no one of any mettle would be running against John Cornyn. Congressman Steve Stockman would be, though! Hoo boy.

This is great principally because Steve Stockman is earth's funniest person. Come to think of it, he may share that title with another member of the Texas House delegation, Rep. Louie Gohmert, who has declined to challenge Cornyn this cycle. What a shame! They could've both run against Cornyn and gotten their asses kicked together, then run off together to start a traveling vaudeville act focusing on physical humor. But no, Stockman will fight Cornyn alone.

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