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Texas campus group launches undocumented immigrant “sting”

After their wildly successful affirmative action bake sale earlier this fall, a conservative campus group at the University of Texas has come up with a competitively--if not equally--offensive stunt to tackle immigration reform. On Wednesday, the Young Conservatives of Texas will host a mock immigration sting, during which other students will have the opportunity to "catch" an undocumented immigrant in exchange for a $25 gift card.

YCT will rely on volunteers bearing name-tags that say "illegal immigrant," and not simply on participants' suspicions of their classmates. According to a brief statement from the group's chairman, Lorenzo Garcia, the event is meant to "spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration and how if affects our everyday lives." Neither he nor YCT's executive director, Jenna White, has offered any additional comments about the event.

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