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With Texas abortion clinics in jeopardy, flea markets may provide dangerous alternative

The Texas Senate voted late Friday night to approve a sweeping abortion measure that could force 37 of the state's 42 abortion providers to close, leading some reproductive health advocates in the state to predict -- with growing concern -- that Texas women may be forced to seek dangerous alternatives to terminate unwanted pregnancies without medical supervision.

One of those options, as the New York Times reports, is crossing the border to Mexico to obtain an "abortion pill," misoprostol, which is sold in boxes of 28 pills with little information from pharmacists about how to safely use the drug. For women who can't travel out of the state or cross border checkpoints -- low-income women without the financial resources to travel, undocumented women and others -- another alternative is obtaining these pills from Texas flea markets, where they are quietly sold under the table.

The consequences of unregulated use of misoprostol could be deadly, as the Times notes:

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