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“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham criticized by “Sugar Daddy” CEO in worst P.R. pitch ever

Farrah Abraham, the former star of "Teen Mom," has been in the news for a purportedly fake "sex tape" that she made with the porn star James Deen, then sold. A P.R. agency is seeking to keep her name in the news with a head-spinningly bizarre pitch, claiming that Abraham had been turned down for nebulously defined "work" by a dating site.

In the past year,, the leading Sugar Daddy dating website, declined two opportunities to work with the ex-reality star, ultimately deciding that she wasn't a "good fit" for their public image.

"We’ve had the opportunity to work with Farrah more than once,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “But we could tell that Farrah wasn’t coming to us for the right reasons. She was just looking for a quick pay off, not a lasting mutually beneficial arrangement."

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