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Taxonomic chaos averted as “supreme court for animal names” receives financial bailout

In the cutthroat world of naming new animal species, only one group is authorized to arbitrate between warring scientists: The International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), also known as the "supreme court for animal names." (It's okay, I just learned about all of this, too.)

But in the struggle to keep up with the 15,000-some new species described each year and "the rapidly changing face of taxonomy," the commission was facing financial ruin.

Fortunately for everyone who needs to know, for example, whether to refer to the Aldabra tortoise as Testudo giganteaor Testudo elephantina,the commission was bailed out by the National University of Singapore, which will fund it for the next three years.

It was, according to Nature, a close call:

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