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Tarantino drops the N-bomb

In a career spanning over two decades, Quentin Tarantino has made abundantly clear all the things he greatly loves to insert into his films. Epic bloodshed. Pop culture references that show off the breadth of his knowledge of cinema. And the word "nigger."

Boy, does he love to give his characters the chance to say that one. Think Dennis Hopper's coolly manipulative speech about Sicilians in "True Romance."  The dead body storage problem in "Pulp Fiction." Steve Buscemi's attempt to break up a fight in "Reservoir Dogs." And boy does it reliably tick people off. So fond is Tarantino of the word that it's a wonder it took him so long to figure out that if he made a movie set in the plantation-era South, he could deploy the word all the time, because, you know, history. So it should have come as zero surprise to anyone that after winning a Golden Globe Sunday evening for his epithet-laced "Django Unchained" screenplay, he would then use the word to talk about the controversy about using the word.

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