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Tammy Duckworth sets the record straight on women in combat

There have been a few varieties of response to the Pentagon's recent decision to lift the ban on women in combat. The first, and some would say most obvious, is that women have already been active in combat roles for years. And advocates for a more inclusive armed services applauded the policy shift as a step towards a more just military culture. But then, of course, there has been the hysterics, the handwringers and the all-out wingnuts that think women are too delicate to serve on military front lines.

And Iraq War veteran and Illinois lawmaker Rep. Tammy Duckworth would like a word with the latter group.

In an interview with Andrew Goldman for the New York Times, Goldman asked Duckworth about the (mostly) conservative reaction to the news that women would now be fighting alongside men. She did not mince words in her response:

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