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Tagg Romney considering Senate run for some reason

Remember Mitt Romney? He was this rich guy who ran for president because his dad wanted to be president, a long time ago. He didn't win. Running for president to fulfill your dad's legacy and then losing is, you would think, the sort of thing that would sour your family on electoral politics, but it might've just inspired an endless cycle of running-for-things-to-honor-your-dad. That is really the only explanation I can come up with for this news:

Is the next generation of Romney politicians beginning? Despite press reports that Tagg Romney will not be running for Senate, a source close to Tagg Romney tells National Review Online that Tagg, the oldest son of Mitt and Ann Romney, and a prominent surrogate for his dad during the election, is seriously considering making a Senate run in Massachusetts — and expects to decide one way or another soon.

OK, Tagg, sure.

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