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The sweet, sure to be short-lived “The Goodwin Games”

Last night, Fox premiered “The Goodwin Games,” a promising sibling sitcom that has been waiting to make it onto the schedule for a year. “Goodwin Games,” which comes from the creators of “How I Met You Mother,” was announced at Fox’s upfront last May. Six episodes of it will be burned off this May. It’s a victim of Fox’s changing tastes and strategies: out with good-natured family comedies, in with sitcoms aboutdudes with guns.

“Goodwin Games” is fairly high-concept for a sitcom. Beau Bridge plays Benjamin Goodwin, a wacky mathematician single father, who has raised three full grown, messed up kids: Henry (Scott Foley), an uptight, emotionally locked in surgeon, Chloe (Becki Newton, who has been sitcom cursed since “Ugly Betty” ended), a math genius who has thrown all her intelligence away to live like a party girl, and Jimmy (T.J. Miller), a sweetie pie klepto who has been in and out of jail multiple times. All three siblings are casually estranged from each other and their father. Then their father dies. He turns out to have 23 million dollars saved up and a complicated plan, involving many, many, many activities, to have his children compete for his fortune, even though his real goal is patently to make them all remember how much they love each other.

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