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Supreme Court affirms that an Oklahoma ban on medication abortion is unconstitutional

A bright spot in the recent spate of body blows to reproductive rights: the Supreme Court has affirmed the unconstitutionality of Oklahoma's absolute ban on medication abortion, dismissing the state's appeal of the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling striking down the law and ending a long legal battle over women's access to medication abortion and the non-surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancies in the state.

The high court's decision to dismiss the state's appeal is the final word on a 2011 law banning the off-label use of abortion-inducing medication. The law was twice struck down as an unconstitutional burden on women's access to abortion, once by a district court and again by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

According to data from the Guttmacher Institute, one-quarter of abortions before nine weeks are medication abortions, and non-surgical abortion is the most commonly used treatment for ectopic pregnancies.

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