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Superman biographer on the Orson Scott Card fallout: Supe “represents compassion”

Real-world politics have entered the Art Deco world of Metropolis.

After the departure of comic artist Chris Sprouse, Orson Scott Card's story of the man from Krypton will not appear in an upcoming DC Comics "Superman" anthology. (Salon called the Card home, where a woman told us the writer had decided not to comment: "He thinks that it always makes these things worse.")

It's been the cause for analysis and some celebration: Card's past advocacy on behalf of anti-sodomy laws and apparent belief that gay marriage could spark an overthrow of the government. Superman expert Glen Weldon, the author of the forthcoming "Superman: The Unauthorized Biography" and an early critic, at NPR, of DC's decision to engage Card's services as a writer, spoke to Salon about why the sci-fi author was never a good fit.

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