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Superheroes are a bunch of fascists

Superhero films are being killed with kindness. They are far too respected politically, with too many wondering if Batman represents Bush, Harvey Dent Obama and the Joker Bin Laden. My favorite misreading is the interpretation of Bane's uprising in "The Dark Knight Rises." It was a blatant reference to Occupy Wall Street, and an interesting example of capitalistic paranoia, yet some still saw this as a reference to the Tea Party. (Come on, people -- storming into banks? Complaining of corruption? Occupying Gotham? Surely you can see it's not the Tea Party they're afraid of?) Even those who take a more critical approach are treating the films as if the screenwriters or directors had happened to choose a disappointing political viewpoint all by themselves, as opposed to recognizing the limitations placed upon them by powerful, less-than-socialist movie studios.

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