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The Sunday Shows take on guns and gays

One interesting thing I've noted since I started watching the mostly wretched Sunday shows is that for the most part there is not much debate, between the liberal and conservative panel mainstays, on gay marriage. Everyone is in favor of it or not inclined to strongly oppose it. So in order to have a proper right-vs-left Sunday Show Debate on the matter, two of the shows today were forced to bring in outspoken bigots. National embarrassments Tony Perkins and Ralph Reed both gamely answered the call, and defended "traditional marriage" from the inevitable march of widespread acceptance of gays and lesbians.

First, though, ABC's "This Week," the only one of the big three shows this morning to have another idiotic debate about budgets, began with George Stephanopoulos actually bragging -- bragging! -- that he had both Jim Messina and Karl Rove. Oh boy, two campaign strategists! When I am looking for well-considered and thoughtful commentary on national issues, I always turn to people who are good at managing political campaigns.

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