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Stevie Wonder’s boycott of Florida may not change minds

In the wake of George Zimmerman's acquittal, Stevie Wonder is the first entertainer to announce a boycott of Florida until the state's "stand your ground" law is repealed. Wonder has refused to perform in various places before, including Arizona during the period when the state did not recognize Martin Luther King Day and an event honoring the Israeli Defense Forces last year.

Arizona has twice in recent memory been the target of the sort of boycott that Wonder has launched on his own; in the 1990s, the state had a scheduled Super Bowl moved to California during the firestorm over its refusal to celebrate the King holiday. (Arizona voters approved a referendum to finally celebrate the holiday when the National Football League was considering whether or not to award a future Super Bowl to the Arizona city of Tempe; the NFL rewarded Arizona with the lucrative event.)

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