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Steve King: The Todd Akin of immigration

As comprehensive immigration reform languishes in Congress, Democrats have found their mascot for Republican opposition in the form of Iowa Rep. Steve King, whose recent offensive comments about immigrants are being used against other Republicans just as those of former Senate candidates Todd Akin's remarks about women were. The first target: Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who once called King his favorite congressman.

"Just as Todd Akin helped expose many Republicans' deeply offensive views regarding women, Steve King is now exposing the extreme disregard, and even disdain in some cases, that many Republicans like Ken Cuccinelli seem to hold toward immigrants," Danny Kanner, the spokesperson for the Democratic Governors Association told Salon.

After a clip resurfaced of the Virginia attorney general praising King, Old Dominion Democrats sent out emails warning that Cuccinelli has a "Steve King problem." The liberal opposition research group American Bridge produced a video, shared with Salon ahead of its public release, calling Cuccinelli "The Steve King of Virginia." Watch it:

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