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Steve Jobs is still dead

The thrill is still gone. In Cupertino on Tuesday morning, Apple announced two new iPhone models. We've got the 5C, which comes with a plastic case in five different colors and has basically the same technology as the iPhone 5, only with a cheaper price tag, and the flagship iPhone 5S, an incremental improvement on the iPhone line -- boasting a faster processor, better camera, and new "TouchID" technology that allows users to unlock their phones using their thumbprints.

Preorders start Friday, Sept. 13. Shipments start Sept. 20. The new operating system iOS 7, which will look considerably different from its predecessors and will ship with iTunes Radio, Apple's much anticipated streaming music product, will be available for download on Sept. 18.

In other words, Apple announced basically what Apple watchers were already expecting. Rumor equaled reality -- with only one real exception. The "beautifully, unapologetically" plastic-coated 5C is not the low-priced bottom-feeder designed to help Apple crack developing markets. It's still an expensive phone.

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