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Steve Buscemi: “The Republicans in Congress are holding the country hostage”

Though "Boardwalk Empire" actor Steve Buscemi comes across as guarded and private with matters related to his personal life, in a recent interview with the Guardian, the actor was very vocal about his anger with the GOP over the government shutdown, saying that the way the GOP acted this month "is criminal":

"I think the shutdown is ridiculous. I think the Republicans in Congress are holding the country hostage. I think it's criminal. I don't see why they're allowed to do it." Buscemi on politics livens up. "The Tea Party faction of the Republican party are holding the Republican party hostage. They've hijacked it. I don't understand their philosophy. I think that in their own hearts and minds there's a reason why they feel they're doing good. But I certainly don't agree with it. And I hope the shutdown effects change. I hope people remember this in the next cycle of elections."

The actor, who grew up in modest surroundings in Brooklyn, also argued in favor of government assistance programs:

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