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Stephen King: I don’t generally write sequels

Prolific best-selling author Stephen King held an AMA on Reddit Thursday evening, revealing, among other things, that his fans should not expect sequels to his works. Although fans are anticipating his sequel to "The Shining," due out this fall, when asked whether there will be a continuation of "The Eyes of the Dragon," King responded, "As a general rule, I don't revisit. Too many new stories to tell." but also said, "I might go back there. I wrote a sequel to 'The Shining,' so anything is possible."

A sequel that definitely won't happen, however? "It": "There will be no 'It' sequel: I don't think I could bear to deal with Pennywise again. Too scary, even for me," wrote King.

King fans may be further disappointed, still, that King also has no plans to give recurring character Randall Flagg, who has appeared in "The Stand," "The Eye of the Dragon" and "The Dark Tower" series, among other novels, his own, full life story. "Giving Flagg his own story would make him too coherent, somehow. He's the guy behind the scenes, pulling all the strings."

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