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“Sons of Anarchy” is the most sexist show on television

With an all-star cast and a heart-pounding story line that chronicles the rough life of the SAMCRO motorcycle gang, it’s easy to fall in love with Kurt Sutter’s wildly popular show, "Sons of Anarchy." But while "SOA" is one of the most watched programs on television, could it also be one of the most sexist?

"SOA" follows club President Jax Teller as he leads his all-male clan of hardened Harley-riding, gun-toting criminals around the sleepy town of Charming, California - a fictional city steeped in violence and corruption. Women are present in the show, but are mostly there to provide sexual gratification, take the fall when the men get into legal jams, and at times be their human punching bags – all with the hopes of proving their worth to possibly become an “Old Lady.”

But don’t expect to see these women riding on any motorcycles of their own. Not in this world. An “Old Lady” in the land of SAMCRO is the highest title a woman can attain. It cements her position in the club, giving her slightly more privileges than a house pet, though she is still considered a mere afterthought and is not in any way an integral part of the club’s operations.

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