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Social-media themed vacations are coming

Some of us choose to go on vacation in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, including the ever-present social media. Some people, apparently, go on social media-themed vacations! I have to admit that when I first saw these social-media themed hotels, I thought I had stumbled onto an article on The Onion. But alas, they really do exist, and I must say that they sound pretty interesting after all.

Recently, both Instagram and Twitter themed hotels have opened around the world. The Instagram hotel is located in Sydney, Australia. The hotel is called 1888 Hotel, named after the year 1888, the year that the first Kodak camera was introduced. The hotel features Instagram in nearly every aspect of your stay. A digital mural full of Instagram photos graces the lobby. The hotel also provides the perfect place to take a “selfie,” a self-portrait in which you hold your iPhone camera up in order to get the best shot of yourself.

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