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So much for my Yelp revenge

I was getting married in a few months and wanted a handmade suit from the online men’s shop I’d been ogling for a year. It wasn’t just that the guys in their suits looked like rock star dandies and cosmopolite men of taste. The shop offered prices that, while not exactly cheap, sat well below those I could find in the joints along Soho, and certainly places like Bloomingdale's and Barneys and Saks. Now that I had a reason to justify the cost, I called the number on the site and left a voicemail.

“Hey there. My name’s D., and I’m stoked at the possibility you guys can make me one of your fancy suits! I’d love to have a conversation with you about this and look forward to hearing from you.”

Four days later, having heard nothing but crickets, I called again. Four days after that, having got the same dead zilch, I wrote an email to the shop with the subject, I want you guys to make me a suit!

“Hi,” I said. “I’ve left two messages on your voice mail, one last week and one on Monday, but haven’t got a call back. I’d really, really, really love for you to make me a suit! How does this happen? Email or phone is great, any time. I look forward to hearing from you.”

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