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SNL delivers too much Miley for one sitting

Total DVR fail. This weekend, I set my box to tape SNL and then stepped out to do something far more age-appropriate than sprawling on the couch half-watching Miley Cyrus poke fun at herself. I mean, she's hot, but I'm not into her music. (If you were hoping for a more politicized take on the young pop star's recent exploits, I apologize. That sentence pretty much sums up the entirety of my feelings about her. Given the existing material, I think it's a reasonable enough position to take.)

Anyway, Sunday afternoon I sat down to finally watch and write about the show only to discover that -- due to some sporting event or another -- NBC's broadcast of this latest edition of SNL had been pushed back twenty-seven minutes. My recording cut off right at the end of Weekend Update, lopping off the whole last third of the show, the segment where SNL generally deploys its least accessible sketches -- arguably my favorite part.

After panicking a bit and scrubbing through what felt like every possible Google and Youtube result yielded by a search for "Miley Cyrus Saturday Night Live 2013," I came across a fascinating and useful piece of information: Not only is the entire episode available on Hulu, each individual sketch -- as well as Cyrus' two musical performances -- is available for viewing as a separate chunk.

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