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SnapChat images can be recovered

The point of SnapChat is impermanence. The app allows the sharing of videos or pics that self-destruct after viewing -- ostensibly to be stored or forgetten in our personal and shared memory banks only. However, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, SnapChat's promise is not so easily kept now that researchers at Decipher Forensics, a company in Orem, Utah, announced that they have figured out how to retrieve SnapChat's content -- and will do so for a fee.

Via BusinessWeek:

On Tuesday, the company announced that using special forensics software they can now effectively retrieve long-vanished Snapchats from a phone. “This type of information can be very valuable in any investigation, especially one involving exploitation of a minor,” said Richard Hickman, a lead examiner at Decipher Forensics. “This research will help law enforcement officials retrieve what has been believed to be unrecoverable.”

... Right now the service is limited to smartphones running Android software. But, reached by phone on Thursday morning, Hickman says the company is busy working to extend the Snapchat-recovery service to iPhones.

How much does it cost to recover Snapchat photos? Decipher Forensics charges $300 to $500 per phone, says Hickman.

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