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Slavery, Katrina and Watergate: The right’s obsession with exaggerating

The week started off with news that former V.P. candidate Sarah Palin had compared the federal debt to slavery, and finished off with the New York Times and "Good Morning America" comparing problems with the rollout of Obamacare exchanges with Bush's catastrophic non-response to Hurricane Katrina.  Such comparisons are both ghastly and ludicrous — 1,833 people died in Katrina, while millions died due to slavery, not to mention the part where tens of millions lived their whole lives as slaves — yet  conservatives can't seem to stop themselves from glibly making them, equating slavery with anything they don't like (except when they're praising it), and Katrina with any problem President Obama might have. What's more, the so-called liberal media seems less likely to challenge them than to follow their lead, or at least give them a pass.

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