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Is this the sign Democrats need to try again on guns?

We've already seen some political fallout for senators who cast key votes either way on the compromise bill to expand background checks that the Senate killed two weeks ago -- and it may bode well for the round-two push on gun control currently in the works.

While there's already been downside for those who voted against the bill, today we learn that red state Democrats who voted in favor of the bill have been rewarded in the polls. In North Carolina, 52 percent of voters said they're more likely to reelect Sens. Kay Hagan of North Carolina because of her vote, while just 26 percent said the opposite. Meanwhile, in Louisiana, 45 percent said Sen. Mary Landrieu's vote boosted their likelihood of voting for the Democrat, compared to just 25 percent who said it makes them less likely to vote for her. She also saw her net approval rating tick up by six percentage points.

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