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Shutdown crisis proves the GOP’s inner sickness

Congressional Republicans have gone directly from conservatism to fanaticism without any intervening period of sanity.

First, John Boehner, bowing to Republican extremists, ushers a bill through the House that continues to fund the government after Sept. 30 but doesn’t fund the Affordable Care Act. Anyone with half a brain knows Senate Democrats and the president won’t accept this — which means, if House Republicans stick to their guns, a government shutdown.

A shutdown would be crippling. Soldiers would get IOUs instead of paychecks. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees would be furloughed without pay. National parks would close. Millions of Americans would feel the effects.

And who will get blamed?

House Republicans think the public hates the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) so much they’ll support their tactics. But the fact is, regardless of Americans’  attitudes toward that Act — which, not incidentally, passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by the president, who was reelected with over 50 percent of the vote, and constitutionality was upheld by the Supreme Court — Americans hate even more one party using the United States government as a pawn in their power games.

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