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Shutdown could raise the price of milk

October first was one hell of a day for government: the shutdown commenced and the Affordable Care Act went into effect.  Easily overlooked in this "shutdown showdown," was the quite expiration of the Farm Bill.

According to Farm Futures, “Crop insurance and nutrition programs are effectively permanent programs and will continue without specific reauthorization.”  However, other projects defend on the renewed funding that usually happens every fifth year.  Our five years ended in 2011.  Since then a series of stripped-down extensions of the 2008 bill have been passed.

We last left the Farm Bill where we left the budget: in no-compromise-land.  In mid September, The House split the Farm Bill into two halves (farm and food), cut $40 billion from food stamps, sewed the bill back up and sent it to the Senate where it had little possibility of passing.  Where does that leave us now?

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