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“Sherlock” is back: Watch the full season 3 trailer

After two years of anticipation, BBC has released the first official, full trailer for the third season of "Sherlock," in which star Benedict Cumberbatch returns from the dead.

Though his loyal companion Watson (Martin Freeman) doesn't seem to care "how you faked" death, fans are still itching to know how Holmes bested his nemesis, Moriarty, against all odds. What the angry Watson wants to know most, however, is "why."

"The one person he thought didn't matter at all to me," says Holmes ominously in the trailer, "was the person that mattered the most."

But season 3 leaves Moriarty, who shot himself in the head at the end of season 2, dead. "Obviously Sherlock, does have to have some sort of enemy, a nemesis," said Freeman of the evil villain. "And as we’ve seen, unless Moriarty did something incredibly Derren Brown-like when he shot himself in the head, we assume... there is no more Moriarty.

"But there will be a nemesis of some sort and the hints that we get about that in this first episode are very intriguing."

Showrunner Steve Moffat has teased that the new nemesis, Charles Augustus Magnussen, will be "terrifying."

"Sherlock" premieres in the UK on Jan. 1 2014 and Jan. 19 2014 in the US.

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