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Seven examples of cowardice on “The Daily Show”

Jon Stewart has changed late-night television for the smarter, but The Daily Show's satire kingpin has a way of cowering before powerful people when they come on his set for interviews, not asking the tough questions. It's a stark contrast from his hard-hitting comedy sketches and reviews of the day's news, where Stewart and his coterie of correspondents can really bare their fangs. Stewart's guests on set are often the same people he lampoons, but something changes when they are in the room...easy targets get kid gloves. Here are seven of Stewart's weakest interviews.

7. Paula Broadwell:He had her, right there in front of him, the woman who helped bring "King" David Petraeus' military and political career to an ignominious end. But he too, like the mainstream media, seemed too busy having sex with Petraeus' exalted mythology. Sure, that legend was obviously more full of holes than the Bush administration's shifting rationales for bombing Iraq, but Stewart and Broadwell's awkwardinterview was nevertheless well-stocked with the same mini-legends making their way through the mainstream media's complicit coverage of Petraeus' bankrolled rise: His insane work ethic and meteoric popularity, his fairytale meeting with Broadwell and their, ahem, scholarly research for her unfortunately titled book All In.

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