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The sequester will hurt victims of domestic violence

After punting on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act during the 112th Congress, it looks like the landmark bill that has ushered in major reform around domestic and sexual violence laws and services for victims will finally pass through the House.

But the victory may be short-lived. If the sequester goes through on Friday, slashes to the federal budget won't spare the anti-domestic violence programs funded by VAWA, critical as they may be. According to the Department of Justice, these programs stand to lose more than $20 million to the sequestration. And as Bryce Covert wrote Wednesday at Forbes, "That would mean 35,927 fewer victims of violence will be able to access lifesaving services and resources such as shelter, legal help, and support for children. It would also mean 34,248 fewer police, prosecutors, judges, and victim advocates would get domestic violence training to effectively respond to these incidents."

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