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SEA hackers take over the Onion’s Twitter feed

At first, the Internet wasn't sure if the Onion was getting meta, or if hackers were anteing up their attacks.

Several news outlets reported that a collective of hackers known as the Syrian Electronic Army hijacked The Onion's Twitter feed this afternoon, posting a string of unfunny, pro-Syrian army tweets:

"Israel denies forging new alliance with Al Qaeda: "We were friends all along, so it can't be new" - IDF Spokesperson"

"UN's Ban Ki Moon condemns Syria for being struck by israel: "It was in the way of Jewish missiles"

"UN retracts report of Syrian chemical weapon use: "Lab tests confirm it is Jihadi body odor"

Messages saying "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here" appeared on the satirical news network's various social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

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