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Scribd envisions Google Glass–like wearables for e-reading

The content on Scribd, the San–Francisco based startup that aims to create the digital library of the future, is available on a range of devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets. But CEO Trip Adler tells Fast Company we won't be reading e–books in our hands in the future––they'll be projected right in front of our eyes.

On Oct. 1, the company launched a partnership with HarperCollins, which is making the majority of its titles accessible to Scribd subscribers for $8.99 per month. Adler believes the service positions Scribd as a sort of Netflix for the book space. While its catalog of e–books are readable on devices like iPads and iPhones though, there are some glaring exceptions: Scribd content can't be read on e–readers such as Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble's Nook. But Adler has no plans to build similar hardware; rather, he envisions a day when Scribd will build what he calls "reading goggles."

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