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Scott Walker hires torture apologist to ghostwrite campaign book

Looks like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is going to try to be president now. Robert Costa reports that Walker is "collaborating on a book with Marc Thiessen, a former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush." It's not like a sci-fi robot murder mystery that takes place in the distant future on Ganymede, either: It is an I would like to be president sort of book, "with stories about his family, his values, and his rise to power." It will probably be boring.

But just because it will be a boring book doesn't mean that its existence isn't interesting.

Thiessen is a very poor Washington Post opinion columnist who wrote a book in which he strung together a series of distortions in support of the thesis that torture is great. Before the book and the column gig, he was a speechwriter for George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. (Before that, Thiessen spent six years as a spokesperson and "policy adviser" to unreconstructed white supremacist Sen. Jesse Helms, which is another thing that should effectively bar him from participating in civilized society.)

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