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Sarah Palin uses video railing against consultants to raise money for consultants

Sarah Palin relaunched her political action committee on Thursday, the adorably named SarahPAC, with a rousing video slamming "the big consultants, the big money men, and the big bad media" fueling our elections. But as John Alvon at the Daily Beast reports, Palin is using SarahPAC to raise a political war chest ahead of the 2014 elections -- money she will spend, handsomely, on conservative political consultants.

Alvon went through SarahPAC’s Federal Election Commission filings; his findings may surprise you. (Or not. It is Sarah Palin we're talking about, after all):

Seen through the lens of the invaluable Center for Responsive Politics, Palin’s PAC spent $5.1 million in the last election cycle (more than it raised in that time period, raising some questions about Palin’s claims of fiscal responsibility).

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