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Salon limerick contest

Salon's poet army takes on DOMA and the Higgs Boson

It's now known there's a boson named Higgs,

That creates both electrons and pigs.

So it really does matter,

How particles scatter.

Some by zags, yet still others by zigs.

Marilyn Hewitt

Media, Pa.

A justice named Antonin Scalia, Was vexed by the very idea, That gays want to wed, "It's unchristian," he said. But that actually sounds like Sharia. Mike Moulton Gainesville, Fla.


Though a mister and a mister want to marry,

DOMA made it incendiary.

If a miss and a miss,

Tie the knot with a kiss,

No one's shocked (except maybe Rick Perry).

Shirley Stuart

Berkeley, Calif.

Next week we’ll try something different. Stay tuned!

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