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Salon limerick contest

This week readers assess The Pope, Rand Paul and Ashley Judd:


To save cash, White House tours are curtailed,

But the House tours have NOT been derailed.

So you still can have fun,

Seeing nothing get done,

On the Hill, watching nonsense unveiled.

Madeleine Begun Kane

Bayside, N.Y.


I must say I'm calling it quits,

On caring which cardinal sits,

In St. Peter's chair --

The whole damned affair,

Is Mardi Gras, minus the tits.

Nancy Cahill


The new Pope hails from Argentina.

And I’m wondering just what that might mean-a.

Let’s hope that his Latin,

Is smoother than satin,

And that his church is in for one big house clean-a.

Gary Sandy

Davis, Calif.


In the senate McConnell's a dean,

Of the GOP obstruction machine.

But his name will be mud,

When our dear Ashley Judd,

Kicks his ass in twenty fourteen.

Mike Moulton

Gainesville, Fla.


Rand Paul held the floor by the hour,

His words pouring forth like a shower.

He could have gone on,

Saying drone use begone,

But his bladder held ultimate power.

Thompson Lange

Carmel, Calif.


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