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Salon limerick contest

Salon's readers write poems on Republicans, the inauguration and poetry contests.

On His Blindness -- Not (Yet) Winning the Limerick Contest

This contest has got me bewitched.
I’ve not won so now I'm fermisht*.
My meter's on time
my subject's just fine.
I'm thinking, "Is this contest fixed"?

To publish I'll reach for the bait.
To win I must open their gate.
Do they read every poem
or just ones from the known,
or must I just "stand (there) and wait"?

*Yiddish: Mixed up in the head, a little crazy, overwhelmed, disorganized.

Richard Gardiner
Potter Valley, Mendocino County, Calif.

Although your new limerick contest is thrillin',
my brain appears not to be willin'
when every new verse
than the last one is worse.
Perhaps you should just call Calvin Trillin.

Bryan McKamey
Richfield, Minn.

A president chose to come clean
In a red white and very blue scene,
And the subtext was this:
Here's my rear for a kiss,
GOP, if you think I'm still green.

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