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Salon limerick contest

After a hiatus, Salon's limerick contest returns with assessments of college football, Obama's cabinet and more.


A Notre Dame Fan Laments

We left behind bleak Northern Lights,

For a land of bikini'd Hamites.

We went down to defeat,

And were heard in retreat:

"At least my house doesn't have taillights."

James Lewis



To sit at the Cabinet table,

Obama picks Senator Hagel.

It would have been nice,

To have Dr. Rice,

But it was more than he could finagle.

Brent Winecoff

Jacksonville, Fla.


From Delaware hails our VP,

A fiscal cliff jumper is he.

He'll work on your pecs,

Offer old ladies sex,

Won't someone please put this guy on TV?

Josh Klemons

Madison, Wis.


Where’s Obama’s diversity minder–

His “qualified female” staff finder?

He’s named white guys galore,

To positions top-drawer,

Perhaps he should borrow Mitt’s binder.

Madeleine Begun Kane

Bayside, Queens


It's hard to finesse or finagle,The Israeli alliance of Hagel.For more J-street cred,He should swap his white bread,For a Brooklyn bialy or bagel.

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