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Ron Paul: Syria is a “false flag”

Former Rep. Ron Paul does not just oppose a potential military intervention in Syria, or think the government is exaggerating the case for war, or think we're moving too quickly, but thinks the government is outright lying -- "I think it's a false flag," he says, invoking the favorite phrase of conspiracy theorists everywhere.

"[Syrian President Bashar al] Assad, I don't think is an idiot. I don't think he would do this on purpose," Paul told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto of the allegation that Assad used chemical weapons on civilians.

"Oh, so you question whether  Assad even used the gas, of if he's just being set up?" an incredulous Cavuto responded.

"Yeah, just look at how many lies were told us about Saddam Hussein prior to that buildup. More propaganda. It happens all the time," Paul replied. "I think it's a false flag. I think really, indeed. And nobody knows if indeed he was slaughtering people by the thousands with poison gas. If he was that's a different story, but that's not the case."

"The implication is that Assad committed 100,00 killings -- there are a lot of factions out there. Why don't we ask about the Al Qaeda? Why are we on the side of the Al Qaeda?" he added.

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