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Romney to GOP: “I’m sorry”

Mitt Romney has a long and unique relationship with CPAC. In 2007, the former Massachusetts governor was a star, winning the CPAC straw poll as the conservative alternative to the more moderate front-runner John McCain. A year later, Romney used the venue to make the surprise announcement that he was dropping out of the race. Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, who was tasked with introducing him, said last week on her radio show that she was given just a minute or two to rewrite her speech.

In 2009, with the fiery Tea Party movement on the rise, a Yoda-like Romney warned conservatives against giving in to anger; in 2010, as a slew of young politicians was about to be sent to Congress, Romney was well received as a seasoned statesmen; in 2011, angling for the GOP nomination again, he tossed out right-wing red meat about Saul Alinksy and socialism to keep Ricks Perry and Santorum at bay.

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