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The right’s nonsensical fear: A family-friendly workplace

Talking about whether or not women can "have it all" is annoying and almost always terrible. The concept is a moving target and a trap, one that often frames feminism as the reason so many women are overextended and under-valued at home and at work, rather than looking at the cultural and structural contexts that leave women -- and many, many men -- struggling to support themselves and find some kind of satisfying personal balance while doing it. As Rebecca Traister has said, "having it all" needs to die. Immediately.

But in order for it to die, we need to keep having real conversations about men, women, work and family. The problem is, rather than examining cultural expectations, institutional barriers and the kinds of gendered coercion and other assumptions that shape social "ideals" about work and family life , most of what is written about the topic is sexist garbage.

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