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Richie Incognito says he’s not a racist

Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito calls Jonathan Martin "a brother." He calls him "a friend." He calls him "a teammate." He says his communications with Martin "came from a place of love," that he is "not a racist" and that to judge him "is wrong." Richie Incognito says it's all about "context."

In late October, his fellow Dolphin, offensive tackle Martin, went on leave for "emotional issues"-- and soon after, Incognito was placed on indefinite suspension  over "allegations of player misconduct." Incognito has admitted that in April, he left Martin a voicemail in which he called him "half n----- piece of s---" and told him, "F--- you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you." He also allegedly sent Martin texts that "included derogatory terms referring to the female anatomy and sexual orientation." But inan interview with Fox Sports this weekend, Incognito insisted it was all just friendly locker room style banter.

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