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Rep. Steve King calls immigration bill “outrageous amnesty”

Rep. Steve King (R.-Iowa), who's best known of anti-immigrant diatribes, that he apparently thinks are cute, released a statement on the most viable immigration bill currently under consideration in the Senate:

The Gang of Eight's bill is aggressive and outrageous amnesty," said King. "It is instant legalization of all illegal immigrants in the United States, with very few exceptions. It contains only promises: the promise of a plan for border security, of a backup plan for the border security, and of workplace enforcement in the form of making E-Verify mandatory. What makes anyone think President Obama would enforce any future immigration laws when he has violated his own oath of office to take care that the laws be 'faithfully executed'?

I expected this from Democrats...It is the Republicans who should know better. Republicans who support this bill have effectively said to Americans, 'we are prepared to sacrifice the Rule of Law on the altar of misguided and erroneous political expediency'.


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