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The real sex ed: 11 sex tips experts wish they’d known sooner

Sex education in the United States is a mess. Only 22 states and the District of Columbia require that public schools teach sex education in the first place, and among that number, only 19 have laws ensuring that what's being taught meets the minimum requirement of being medically or factually accurate. Perhaps as a result of these dismal indicators, a recent survey among teenagers reveals that 41 percent know little or nothing about how condoms work, and a staggering 75 percent have almost no understanding of birth control.

And as for those schools that do elect to teach students about sex and dating, far too many seem to rely on deeply sexist and conservative educators to do so. A high school in Texas was recently criticized by students and parents for bringing in Christian "relationship expert" Justin Lookadoo to dispense advice to teenage girls about keeping their mouths and their legs shut. (This kind of thinking passes for "good" advice is a seriously scary number of places.)

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