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The real reason women have trouble orgasming during casual sex

In a Monday story on the New York Times' "Well" blog, writer Natalie Kitroeff looks at available research on college students, sex and sexual pleasure, and finds that women don't always orgasm during casual hookups.

According to the two surveys on the sex lives of American college students Kitroeff cites -- one recent study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and another five-year study from sociologists at New York University -- heterosexual women are far more likely to reach orgasm during sex in serious relationships than they are with casual partners.

But the framing of the piece, both in the headline and the entire first half of the story, is pretty misleading about what these studies actually reveal about women and pleasure. In the first several paragraphs, Kitroeff and a series of experts seem to suggest that women's difficulty climaxing during casual sex has everything to do with the absence of emotional intimacy.

But that isn't really the case.

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