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Rand Paul’s new anti-gay weapon columnist Rand Paul and his fellow Kentucky Senator, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, this week announced their intention to attach a nationwide “Right to Work” amendment to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the bill to ban discrimination against LGBT workers which passed the Senate Thursday afternoon. McConnell pitched the anti-union amendment (which didn't get a vote) on Tuesday as a way of “ending institutional discrimination against workers” and “helping restore worker rights.”

In other words, the Kentucky senators – who both voted to deny cloture and let companies keep firing queers - are urging ENDA better tackle “discrimination” by weakening unions, which will remain the main bulwark against anti-gay firings after House Republicans strangle the bill. The technical term for this is chutzpah.

“Right to work” is the intentionally-confusing term pushed by proponents of the business lobby’s favorite anti-union law (unions have come up with a range of alternative monikers, which range from unwieldy to alienating). These laws – passed most recently in Indiana and Michigan - ban unions and companies from negotiating union contracts which include a clause requiring workers represented by the union to pay for the costs of being represented by the union. To call that a blow against “discrimination” is a stretch.

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